This isn’t just any old workshop, oh no.

This is a WERKshop!

This is an unpretentious, zero judgment, group coaching workshop where everyone gets involved, everyone shares knowledge and we all grow together.

I am not going to stand in front of you and talk AT you, I want to open the floor for a conversation because essentially you will be a group of individuals from all walks of life with many years of experience to share within the group. When Womxn band together, great things happen!

Instagram & Brand Visibility

Most of us have a vague idea of how Instagram works but just can’t seem to nail our feed aesthetic and the thought of talking into a camera makes us want to run and hide.

We have heard whispers of how people buy followers but wouldn’t be caught DEAD doing so and having to explain when Instagram does a mass culling of fake accounts and we have to explain why we went from HERO to ZERO overnight. Awkward!

The challenge is not that you don’t know how to work Instagram. The challenge is that you don’t know how to be SEEN.

WHO are you?

WHAT are you offering?

WHO is the face behind the brand?

WHY do you wake up each morning to do what you do? – This is what people want to know and this is what people want to spend their time and money on!

Some of the topics this WERKshop will help you with:

  • Find out who the hell you are and how you are showing up online
  • Finetune your Brand Voice and overall VIBE.
  • Learning how to get over your fears, show up and be SEEN.
  • How to take quality photographs on your phone, edit them on the spot and caption them like a pro all while building a community.
  • Understanding the Instagram Algorithm and how to WERK it to boost engagement and gain organic followers who grow with you.
  • How to expand your network and collaborate with like-minded brands in order to build your Fempire.

“Attending Claire’s Instagram and Brand visibility WERKshop was the greatest gift I gave myself this year!

Claire is anointed with the indescribable gift to radiate light and empower those around her to uncover theirs to shine beside her.

I took away so much more than just the incredible and helpful tools shared by Claire during the WERKshop. I left feeling empowered to discover my own voice and to connect with myself and the abundant community around me!

I want this gift for everyone

Thank you Claire!!! I cannot wait for even more badass women to experience the lasting impact of your WERKshop!” – Jane Sutherland