The greatest tragedy this world will witness is a woman who does not lean into her power or her magic. For whatever reason, she will live her entire, earth-bound life, believing she is anything but pure stardust and that being truly alive is not her honour or her birthright.

You may say "there are worse tragedies!" but I will raise you one by saying this world would be a better place if it was built on a foundation of happy women. Mothers, sisters, daughters from every community around the globe, that are brave enough and nurtured enough to step into their innate, instinctual and God given ability will cultivate, create and spread pure love. Which is what the world is simply starving for.

So in some small way, this is how I am trying to save the world, by helping women step into their identities, generate an infectious self-love and in turn fill the world with some real, magical shit!

You're welcome.

About Claire

A coaching relationship is an incredibly powerful one where a sacred space is created for you to do the real work. This is not a one session solution, nor is it a place for you to just vent and stay stuck. You will only grow as much as you put in to our sessions. They can either be vanilla or they can change your life for ever. This is not for you if you are not ready to take initiative, put on your big girl panties and shake shit up!