Our Tahoe Engagement Shoot

4th January 2019

As a wedding / couple / love-capturing photographer many people want to know who you will be trusting to take your own engagement photos. They assume much time and deliberation has gone into selecting the perfect candidate to make images that we will treasure forever. This is the case for many many people and I know it can be quite a stressful exercise for some. I, on the other hand, decided my mum would take mine!

Yes, my mother! Now, I am lucky that my mum loves taking photographs and happens to be rather fantastic at it, but I do think that it is also my view of what goes on behind the scenes that made this such an easy decision. So here it is, from the horses mouth:

Love is real, love is raw. Love is in every single second, not just the beautiful posed ones, but the half laugh, half blinks in between. It doesn’t take much to capture love in action, you just need some good light, some good laughs and a couple sneaky smooches and voila! You have your imperfect, loved up selves, having a giggle and making a memory. 

Side note: It does act in my favor that I happen to be marrying a beautiful cave man with thick, dark wavy hair who looks edible in a suit. Also, Janita Toerien made my EXTRA AF black skirt. 

Mom, thank you again, I love you!

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  • Reply Sally 8th January 2019 at 9:08 pm

    Just beautiful writing. I could visualise your experience as if it was my own

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