My Coaching Vibe

We all come into this world with a superpower. Want to know what mine is?

I get to see the real, raw, brilliant magnificence in women.

Society has succeeded in convincing us to live small. This has affected us in the way we live, or don’t live our lives to the fullest! Sometimes we use excuses, sometimes it’s a boring pair of jeans that do nothing for our feminine fierceness and we refuse to let go of them because they’re safe. 

Well, the simple truth is this. If you don’t know what you are trying to say to the world, how on earth are they meant to listen? The first step to everything is to find your voice and then start using it, unapologetically.

That’s where I come in. I’m here to walk alongside you as you find your voice. I’m here to lovingly push you when you want to opt for “safe” and I’m here to remind you that you have had enough of being invisible.


Content Collection

This is the ultimate coaching/photography offering for female entrepreneurs, influencers and bloggers. A curated collection, which includes some brand fine-tuning, mood boards, shoots and a ton of content.

You leave with enough content for a few months as well as having the opportunity to brush up on your branding and overall look and feel. 





Attending Claire’s Instagram and Brand visibility WERKshop was the greatest gift I gave myself this year! Claire is anointed with the indescribable gift to radiate light and empower those around her to uncover theirs to shine beside her.

I took away so much more than just the incredible and helpful tools shared by Claire during the WERKshop. I left feeling empowered to discover my own voice and to connect with myself and the abundant community around me!

I want this gift for everyone!


Claire, You are truly a phenomenon! Your approach to life and coaching is so inspiring, supportive and honest. The lessons you teach is priceless and important in all aspects of life. You made me feel comfortable to be myself and encourage me to be the best version of me, both in life and in my career. To love myself. To be confident.

With every session, I got a real-life exercise in beauty. Sitting with you was the best decision I have ever made and can never thank you enough for your wisdom and your encouragement. It is an honour to learn from you.


Claire, you are a true luminary, in every sense of the word. You have such an energy and zest for all things entrepreneurial and your hands-on, real-life approach to teaching is inspiring. My 8 week course with you has been a true investment in both myself and my

Not only has my mind been blown open to all the possibilities ahead of me, but you have also given me to confidence to reach out and grab them.

It’s been such an honour to learn through you and I will never be able to thank you enough.