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    Bali | Indonesia

    29th July 2019

    Bali has to be the one place that I am almost sure my soul belongs. There is something in the air that I can’t quite put into words. Beautiful landscapes from jungle sprinkled with rice paddys, palms and roadside sculptors to hidden white sandy beaches shaped like dinosaurs and some super trendy cafe culture, beachside towns. There is something for everyone in Bali, whether you’re keen on having a serious unplugged retreat filled with yoga, massages and a whole lot…

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    Goa | India

    Many people are highly intrigued when I mention in passing that I spent a month in India. I’m sure that each person has a preconceived idea of what India is like, especially if they…

    8th January 2019

    Our Tahoe Engagement Shoot

    As a wedding / couple / love-capturing photographer many people want to know who you will be trusting to take your own engagement photos. They assume much time and deliberation has gone into selecting…

    4th January 2019