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    What has happened to you, my beautiful Wolf Woman?

    9th September 2019

    Listen to the above song while reading this piece. What has happened to you, my beautiful Wolf Woman? Where is your beautiful wild, musky coat? Your once muscular shoulders are now covered in a bleached, close-cut, silky sheen. Your once moving and mottled landscape of fascinating skeletons and stories has now become a garden of square clipped mazes carefully dotted with miniature white roses. Where are your dark, wild eyes? Your once sparkling orbs of shadow pouring out with love…

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    So, How’s Married Life?

    “So, how’s married life?” Honestly, to me, this question equates to something that you or I don’t have enough time on this spinning rock to unpack. If I had to try and answer this…

    6th September 2019

    Why I’m not 100% Body Positive.

    I have a problem with Instagram. I have a problem with the way it encourages us to stop people with a single image. I have a problem with the fact that there are accounts…

    30th July 2019

    5 Steps To Self-Love

    Everyone hits a slump once in a while where we feel inadequate, unattractive, inauthentic or lost. It’s totally normal. I know I have this conversation with myself daily sometimes but each time I do,…

    18th January 2019

    Our Tahoe Engagement Shoot

    As a wedding / couple / love-capturing photographer many people want to know who you will be trusting to take your own engagement photos. They assume much time and deliberation has gone into selecting…

    4th January 2019