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    PMS Goddess

    19th August 2019

    When you’re in Autumn. Just before it’s time to let go of the last month. Your body and your heart are a bit heavy, and yet, your feminine creativity is shining out of every pore. Beautiful, turbulent, stormy Goddess.…

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    Weekend Witch

    Beautiful, mysterious creature. Filled with Light and equally with Shadow. SHE IS WOMXN.…

    9th August 2019

    The Curve of Your Spine

    Lights low, balmy air, sweat glistens on his collarbone. All I can see is the shape of his jaw in the dim candle flicker.…

    10th July 2019


    I find this mix works best on a somewhat hungover Sunday beach day. Just add the smell of sunscreen, a “lolly to make you jolly” and you’re good to go.…

    30th November 2018