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    Getting Naked With LUSH

    2nd September 2019

    Let’s be real for a second. You and I both know it’s impossible to stop climate change as one single human being. Even if you had a red cape, fighting crime is hard work and would take years to master. I have decided to use the month of September to raise awareness around a low waste lifestyle, one of the many ways in which we can contribute to changing the future of our oceans, forests and animals which are on…

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    Mermaid Hair Tonic

    I am all about the mane. I have dyed mine about a million different colors and this year I am in to caring for it and giving it a bit of a rest. Theres…

    21st February 2019

    5 Steps To Self-Love

    Everyone hits a slump once in a while where we feel inadequate, unattractive, inauthentic or lost. It’s totally normal. I know I have this conversation with myself daily sometimes but each time I do,…

    18th January 2019