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July 2019


    How To Take Photos For Instagram

    31st July 2019

    Social media can be hard to keep up with. Algorithms change faster than the weather in Cape Town and there always seems to be someone else doing something cooler than you. I think the most important thing to remember about Instagram is that it should be a creative platform for you to express yourself and connect with your audience, whether you are selling a product, service or creating a brand. Keep In Mind Consistency is King – Make sure you…

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    Why I’m not 100% Body Positive.

    I have a problem with Instagram. I have a problem with the way it encourages us to stop people with a single image. I have a problem with the fact that there are accounts…

    30th July 2019

    Bali | Indonesia

    Bali has to be the one place that I am almost sure my soul belongs. There is something in the air that I can’t quite put into words. Beautiful landscapes from jungle sprinkled with…

    29th July 2019

    The Curve of Your Spine

    Lights low, balmy air, sweat glistens on his collarbone. All I can see is the shape of his jaw in the dim candle flicker.…

    10th July 2019