Deconstructed Vegan Banoffee Pie

    13th November 2019

    As if a vegan banoffee pie is not extra enough, I went ahead and deconstructed it. Actually, thats rubbish. I couldn’t get the coconut cream to whip thick enough so I had to use my imagination as we had guests and I left it way too late. Most of my favorite recipes were born from f-ups so this one will have to be added to the favourites list. Its sticky, banana toffee goodness on a crunchy base paired with soft…

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    Friday Funk

    You’re still at work but you can’t deny that feeling of Friday and summer on your skin. Smell that fresh spandex glitter weekend only hours away……

    27th September 2019
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    So, How’s Married Life?

    “So, how’s married life?” Honestly, to me, this question equates to something that you or I don’t have enough time on this spinning rock to unpack. If I had to try and answer this…

    6th September 2019

    Getting Naked With LUSH

    Let’s be real for a second. You and I both know it’s impossible to stop climate change as one single human being. Even if you had a red cape, fighting crime is hard work…

    2nd September 2019

    The Ultimate Ramen Recipe

    This recipe is the stuff of legends. My husband has perfected this after years of training in the mountains. Seriously though, there are stories told around campfires of this magical broth. He has decided…

    30th August 2019

    PMS Goddess

    When you’re in Autumn. Just before it’s time to let go of the last month. Your body and your heart are a bit heavy, and yet, your feminine creativity is shining out of every…

    19th August 2019

    Weekend Witch

    Beautiful, mysterious creature. Filled with Light and equally with Shadow. SHE IS WOMXN.…

    9th August 2019

    How To Take Photos For Instagram

    Social media can be hard to keep up with. Algorithms change faster than the weather in Cape Town and there always seems to be someone else doing something cooler than you. I think the…

    31st July 2019

    Why I’m not 100% Body Positive.

    I have a problem with Instagram. I have a problem with the way it encourages us to stop people with a single image. I have a problem with the fact that there are accounts…

    30th July 2019